This is a book with squares

Year 2017 Client Willem de Kooning Academie

This is a book focused on the practice of patterns.This book contains 50 patterns. Patterns made of black and white squares, only.

With this book I want to sign an attitude on graphic design and pass a message to the others graphic design fellows. This is not a tutorial or just a collection of patterns, otherwise I could stay here maybe forever doing more and more patterns.

What I want to show is how far is it possible to go just with two simple set of rules in this patterns: using one simple geometric form (in this case the square) just using the black and white colours. This is about a minimal project that opens a door of endless and interesting results (even a few optical illusions) that could be applied in many different kind of medias and sizes.

The history of patterns has been something that accompanies us almost in all over our history as human beings. Moreover, it’s an art of perfection, It has perfectly attained the power of expressing what thoughts it allows itself and will never waive any whit of that power or tolerate any weakness or shortcoming in it. Sometimes we make difficult our proccess in design to achieve “better” results but as you can see here, with just two basic colours and one square, look the results it’s possible to achieve. For me the power in this design subject is whatever pattern’s soul may be, it’s at least it will not have incomplete.

Also thanks to the professor Rui Vitorinho dos Santos for some tips.

Distinguished project with an honorable mention from the acquisition award 2016/2017 - Communication Design FBAUP