FBAUP Design Inc. Identity

Year 2015 Client FBAUP DESIGN INC.

FBAUP Design Inc. is the only design junior company in the University of Porto that accepts different work proposals in the area of Communication Design. This company is formed by students from FBAUP, the Faculty of Fine Arts in Oporto with great competence and originality. Working in academic projects is quite different from being integrated into the professional environment. FBAUP Design Inc. gave me the chance to develop certain skills that are impossible to acquire other than through experiencing the real world.

This identity has been developed to realize the full graphic material of FBAUP Design Inc. of the school year 2015/2016. The basic component of the project is a detail from the original logo that is used in a variety of positions and chromaticism, as it adopts a dynamic character. Despite being a highly geometrized form, it achieves irregularities as it does not complete a full pattern.