Design Visto de Fora

Year 2016 Client FBAUP DESIGN INC.

Design Visto de Fora was a cicle of two conferences that occurred during the 2015/2016 school year organized by the Support Commission of the Communication Design students at FBAUP, more specifically by Hugo Ferreira and Maria Bernardino. The goal of these conferences was to turn them into an opportunity, a pause to communicate beyond the ordinary, a way to broaden horizons and reach the other side, which we often don’t recognise, but that is also a part of our journey. In addition, it was also a way to stop and reflect about our interactions towards the areas that surround us, a chance to open the doors of the worlds design community and to establish external links to enhance the work internally. The visual identity of the event was developed by Beatriz Garcia Tapia, Joana Pereira and Telmo Moranguinho, creative director of the project.